Vaclav Havel ja Freedom Tower

The New York Review of Books kommentoi New Yorkin Freedom Tower -hanketta kääntämällä Vaclav Havelia:

”You have to fight against terrorists with armies, the police, the intelligence services; their sympathizers have to be dealt with by politicians, political scientists, sociologists, and psychologists. Buildings, however, should be erected to enrich human settlements, not to make them duller. Why couldn’t new buildings be put up on that spot proportional to the buildings already there, and that would simply blend into the existing skyline? Likewise, I don’t think that some bombastic monument should be erected at Ground Zero. What happened there must be commemorated, but tastefully, as the fallen from the Vietnam or the Korean wars are commemorated in Washington, or simply with a single large space or room that would evoke the catastrophe and its context.”

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