Lukekaa tämä: Blairin viesti medialle

Jostain syystä missasin tämän: väistyvän pääministerin Tony Blairin puheen mediasta. Elegantti, sapekas, hyvin perusteltu. Maistiainen:

”The reality is that as a result of the changing context in which 21st Century communications operates, the media are facing a hugely more intense form of competition than anything they have ever experienced before. They are not the masters of this change but its victims. The result is a media that increasingly and to a dangerous degree is driven by ”impact”. Impact is what matters. It is all that can distinguish, can rise above the clamour, can get noticed. Impact gives competitive edge. Of course the accuracy of a story counts. But it is secondary to impact. It is this necessary devotion to impact that is unravelling standards, driving them down, making the diversity of the media not the strength it should be but an impulsion towards sensation above all else.”

Välttämätöntä luettavaa kaikille journalisteille.


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