Miksi blogikommentit ovat roskaa

Kiitos Dägä Dägän tarjoaman linkin, perjantaini on pelastettu (ei sillä, että sitä nyt erikseen tarvitsi pelastaa). Joel Spolsky tiivistää blogissaan lähes jumalaisen terävästi, miksi blogikommenteista ei ole mitään hyötyä:

”It’s just noise. Useless noise. Thoughtless drivel written by some anonymous non-entity who really didn’t read the article very carefully and didn’t come close to understanding it and who has no ability whatsoever to control his typing diarrhea if the site’s software doesn’t physically prevent him from posting.


”The way to give people freedom of expression is to give them a quiet place to post their ideas. If other people disagree, they’re welcome to do so… on their own blogs, where they have to take ownership of their words.”

Ja lopuksi — kiitos, Joel, en ole yksin:

”I’m really losing patience with anonymous posts, ’anon’, ’anon for this one,’ people who don’t even have the energy to sign their messages with a made up name and leave the whole signature blank. Frankly if every anonymous post disappeared from the Joel on Software discussion group, the overall quality of the conversation would go up, way up, and the discussion would be way more interesting. Try this as an experiment: read through the last few dozen topics on the discussion group, and imagine that all the ’anonymous’ and signed-blank posts just disappeared. Would the quality of conversation be higher? Would that be a place you’d be more likely to want to spend time in?”


Kommentointi on suljettu.